+ Our top products: PP boxes and PP sheets
+ Design and printing according to customer requirements.


Thứ sáu - 10/10/2014 12:48
 Utilities:
Advertising banners, boards, standees or display shelves
Plastic files and folders 
Floor protection boards in building and construction
Corrugated or solid plastic boxes, trays used in factories, laboratories or daily food 
PP garbage bin
Corrugated masking sheets to protect cargo from impacts in shipment
 Features:
Acid resistant
Alkalis and solvent resistant
Abrasion resistant
Impact resistant
Moisture resistant
Flexible to print
Various colors to choose
Relative insulation and soundproof
Usable in food preservation
Standard dimension: (2-5mm)*1220mm* 2440mm

Excellent dielectric properties (black PP danpla sheets as showed below)

Companies receiving set manufactured to size, rich color 
In addition, our company also provides anti-static plastic sheets for use in the demanding environments antistatic.
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